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Link City

Apr 4, 2014


Let’s be productive

Habits of super happy people.

Millionaires manage their time well.  Let me figure out how to do that.

Here, have a breakdown of who’s using Snapchat, and ways to pimp your brand.  There’s no excuse to not know this by now.


Artistic expressions n’ stuff

Seeking community support dredges up a litany of emotions.  Brilliant essay on Kickstarter’s emotional triggers by Chicago musician Eiren Caffrall.

As a diehard collage artist, I find Harry Houdini’s digitized scrapbooks completely enthralling.

Childcare was a lot different in the 1920’s.  Terrifying stereoviews of Satanic creatures hovering over a little girl.


Funny ha-ha

Bob Bondle’s free handshakes:  quite a deal.  From Cake Fight!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure facts you probably don’t know… but you’ll need at some point.

Matt Groening’s ten favorite Simpsons episodes.

And finally, this rockin’ kool skeleton who needs to be my boyfriend.