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Link City: Stuff & Things

Oct 10, 2015

 look forward future suzy mae link citcy Things that exist, but it’s not clear why

Pizza pouch lanyards for people.  Pizza pouches, people.

This movie, called Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal.  Premise:  A rock star’s last concert will be broadcast live from a plane– but MURDER fouls the plan!  Tell me you don’t want to spend time with this gem.

Evil and ignorant gay-haters Westboro Baptist Church are picketing evil and ignorant gay-hater Kim Davis.  Hard to know where the win is.

Knit and stuffed anotomical animal dissections.  Inaccurate, but very cuddly.

A champagne bong, for high-class boozeheads.

suzy mae link city future

Things to look forward to

Better than Glass:  Ball?  Google’s new patent is for a contact lens that communicates with devices.  It might authenticate payments, measure body stats, or even tell marketers how long you’ve been looking at an ad.  Don’t be evil, y’all.

Sarah Silverman’s starring role as a woman with depression is in the film I Smile Back, and it looks like a powerful piece.  Looking forward to it.

This could change the world.  Wearables that support healthier lifestyles for US kids, while benefitting malnourished children across the globe.  Target and UNICEF are making it happen.

Having transformed from hipster bible to some of the stupidest clickbait on the web, Vice intermittently gets a hit.  Let’s see how Vice News goes, with their new HBO newscast.

advertising suzy mae stuff things

Advertising gossip

The Arby’s rebrand is getting some love lately.  I love underdog brand stories.

Westin & McSweeney’s paired up to create better OOO messages for us out-of-office auto-email-leaving types.

Publicis paid out a settlement due to a gender bias suit.  About $3M.  Think twice before you email the need for a “big swinging dick” to fill a company position, SVPs.

Burger King will not get off McDonald’s dick.  They’re trying all-day breakfast, too.  Did anyone forget we’re in an egg shortage?  Seriously.

Volkswagen’s in pain right now.  The emissions testing scandal gets scrutinized in this New Yorker article about how this whole mess happened.


Sep 9, 2015

todays society

Let’s talk about our evolving society

Men are about self-indulgence when it comes to consumer packaged goods, says Nielsen.  Especially compared to women, who are more into convenience and household health.

Suppose your CPG preferences drove you apart– but in a mutual, “it’s all for the best” kinda way.  Be like the people who are celebrating their divorce with selfies.  Good on you.

This isn’t generous.  Pope Francis says women who’ve had abortions can now be forgiven for a “year of mercy.”  How about minding your own business, dude?

Another “pfft, college” piece from the New Yorker.  I love these.  Almost as much as I love…

Think pieces about how technology is changing our brains!  Here’s one on depression, social media, and the nuanced, contentious link between the two.


fun only zoneThat was heavy.  Make me smile

Grimes started an art co-op called Eerie Organization and they’re already putting out music.  Pumped.

Meryl Streep gets her own Lifetime movie (sketch), thanks to Funny or Die, where a brilliant Christina Applegate channels the acting goddess.

Something fun to do with your Apple Watch.  Fuck someone!  This new sex toy is called Blush, and it connects to an app.  That allows you to control it.  Why did this take so long?

Banksy’s Dismaland gets a promotional trailer.  Love or hate the secret prankster, admit this theme park is an amazing artistic creation.  Admit it!

The Republican debate is exciting when it’s badly lip-read.  Otherwise, I feel faint.

radvertisingAdvertising.  Social media.  What’s really going on? 

Burger King’s clever offer to make a McWhopper for Peace Day didn’t work out (cause McDonald’s is WEAK), but other brands were eager to join in.

Speaking of McDonald’s, their long-awaited all-day breakfast could drive up egg prices.  Other chains have actually slowed down their egg-focused promotions due to a shortage.  But McDonalds is all, “eh.”

Instagram’s new feature lets users send each other images, so the @-mentioning is now a thing of the past.  That shit made up 40% of comments on average!

Google’s new logo is giving me life.  Serifs can go to hell.





Link City: A ROUNDUP of the week’s best news

Jul 7, 2015

suzy mae link city-Funny ha-ha

Awful Reviews mashes together one-star movie review quotes with theatrical posters, to great comic effect.

These chickens tho!  Proud-ass roosters strutting around are the focus of Cocks, a photography book by Ernest Goh.  Malaysian beauty pageants for chickens.  I’m into it.

Remember when the Adventure Time creator made an epic real-time Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter story?  Pure joy.  Great illustrations.  Absurdity incarnate.

Jurassic Paint.  Not quite a blockbuster, but it’s coming to you this summer.

suzy mae link city-3

GO! Paranoia

The Catman of Greenock— a mysterious, rat-eating human who lives in the alleys and back streets of Scotland like an alley cat.

Asteroids hit Earth all the time.

Powdered alcohol, a how-to (or cautionary tale?)

Outfits for girls that keep you isolated, alone, and safe.

suzy mae link city-2

Sexy Stuff

Beautifully crocheted animal skeletons by artist Caitlin McCormack.

Confronting your inner void means putting down Tinder.

The romantic tale of Siegfried and Roy.  (Heart Emoji!)

Disney has no sense of humor about Amy Schumer’s 3PO threeway.