I believe in simplicity and honesty: informed, solid strategies that creatives and clients can grasp at a glance.

I talk to people about their lives and call it research: recruiting, discussion guide development, moderation, video, transcriptions, reports, presentations, implications.  I’ve logged over 670 hours of consumer conversations.

Work takes place everywhere, mainly Los Angeles.  A roster of trusted vendors and methodologies can uncover consumer insights from across the globe: in-homes, focus groups, shop-alongs, online studies, man-on-the-street interviews.

Credentials include qualitative research, account planning, and campaign development at world-class agencies across America, including Wieden+Kennedy, 72andSunnyRazorfish, and Gotham NYC , plus innovative boutiques Standard Time, Midnight Oil, HyperHyper and Largetail.

I love what I do.  I get excited to work with companies that prefer the smart option over the easy option, pay attention to detail, value creativity, and are packed full of people who really, truly enjoy the work of building brands.

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Suzy is more of what the world needs now. She’s been trained in the emotional approach to account planning at one of the worlds best agencies (W+K!) She knows social media inside and out…and is always up to date on anything and everything related to technology and advertising. She can write, she can draw, she makes a mean cocktail, she can strategize, she’s whip smart and most importantly she’s a team player. We miss you Suzy!
Suzy brings together a great combination of running in-depth research projects, strategic thinking and creativity. She is someone you are not afraid to have in front of the client and takes a lot of pride in her work and job.
If Suzy has expressed an interest in maybe working for you / with you / or some other form of professional relationship…YOU ARE DAMN LUCKY. Suzy is one of the most talented planners I’ve ever worked with. She has a knack for finding the most interesting morsels of info, distilling them into wonderfully digestible insights, and inspiring the hell out of everyone on the team. This is the kind of talent you can’t afford not to have, at least not if you’re into producing creative awesomeness. We miss her bad here at W+K, that’s a fact!
Working with Suzy was awesome! Her briefs were without a doubt the most thorough I’ve ever seen. She is just as creative as she is strategic, which makes her a valuable asset to have on your team. She’s extremely passionate about what she does, and it shows in her work. Aside from being a kick-ass strategic planner, Suzy is an all around fun gal (her karaoke skills are seriously amazing!) I had a great time working with Suzy, hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to team up with her again.
Suzy is a wonderful person to work with. She’s extremely creative and smart- a combo that makes working with her a pleasure. She has the ability to bring new insight to the table, works extremely hard, and is never too proud or afraid to do more or rework things if it’s for the betterment of the work in the end.
Immediately after meeting Suzy, I was totally in awe of her energy and drive. She has an enviable courage to constantly seek answers, ideas and then sort out how to share them with everyone. Her open heart and mind allow her to relate to others in an authentic and joyous way that allows people to share everything with her. Her drive to complete research regardless of the challenge is phenomenal and she consistently pushes herself to design and implement new ways to share the information. Beyond her professional talents, Suzy’s style and art remind you that you are dealing with one cool chick. I highly recommend Suzy for any role in Strategic Planning – she is amazing.
Suzy is one of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is original, witty, smart, and a snappy dresser. She thinks outside the box, she in tune with current culture as well as all the rad culture from the past! Highly recommended! She is one you want walking through your company’s door very day!
To be blunt, Suzy makes creative better. Her ability to find and determine what is most important to each project / client / product is invaluable. She is the type of account planner / strategist that every creative department needs. Her willingness to contribute beyond her job title is exceptional, be it in a pitch or developing concepts for a facebook app, Suzy will constantly push the creative until it goes from good to great. But beyond her exceptional abilities as an employee, Suzy is a genuinely great person. Hilarious, sharp and infinitely fascinating – it has been a joy to have worked with her, and I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.
I had the ultimate privilege of working with Suzy Mattay at Standard Time. She is extremely detailed and insightful. Her smart, strategic contributions made it so easy to understand a job or a client and helped me elevate my own aesthetic. Every strategist should take notes from Suzy.
I’ve worked with Suzy on a number of marketing initiatives and would highly recommend her. The quality of work is very high and she’s great to work with.
Suzy is one talented colleague. Her knowledge and insights bring a level of expertise to clients, that makes all our jobs easy. She balances strong creative thinking with compelling research that educates and informs the creative teams, and clients. Her presentation skills are very strong, and when she speaks everybody listens. She is a true joy to work with.
I had the pleasure of working with Suzy both on the Travel Oregon account while she was a Strategic Planner as well as while she worked as an account manager for WK12. In both positions, I was impressed with how she took charge of a project and moved it forward to a better, more strategically smart place. I really enjoyed my time working with Suzy and hope to again in the future.
Brilliant, driven, and keenly perceptive, Suzy knows consumers, shoppers, and how to reach them across multiple platforms. She consistently delivers spot-on insights and marketing plans, while pushing creative work to be the best possible. Suzy is a master researcher and strategist, a compelling writer, and an inspiring presenter – it’s no wonder that clients love her! Suzy is the person you want on your team!
It would be challenging to someone with more passion for learrning about an industry or uncovering insights about consumers than Suzy Mattay. As we partnered on many new business pitches during our time at W+K PDX together, we had a lot of opportunity to invest fully in a brand and its public. From jeans to airlines, Suzy was able to dive in with equal passion and seek out the nugget of information needed to move the strategy and work forward. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with her.