MUTANT TACO made the Bitch List

Jan 1, 2016

Representation matters.  When women and minority groups see themselves at the center of stories, our experience is validated.  That’s why Thuc Nguyen put together the Bitch List.

The Bitch List is “stories we hope will get optioned/bought/made in the coming year and the future- the most liked so far un-produced screenplays read by industry professionals in 2015 that feature two named women/girls/transwomen talking about something other than a man– It’s just as simple as that.”

I’m incredibly proud to announce that Mutant Taco made the list of screenplays that are ready to be optioned, bought and made into films.  Ready and willing.

The list has been featured on Huffington Post and gaining attention throughout Hollywood.  All un-produced screenplays on the list have been read and voted on by industry professionals who know it’s time Hollywood starts producing more films that show women, girls and trans women as equal to men.

Suzy Mae

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