The owl kite, Nike, and me

Dec 12, 2010

VICE – RUNNING Ft LAUREN MILLER from Alex Turvey on Vimeo.

Considering all the research and strategic work I’ve done for Nike, it was especially refreshing to shoot a commercial for Nike– devoid of strategy, corporate direction, or Nikes…

Here’s a peek at the shoot.

Kite going to fly

Working as a creative was my original goal when entering the field of advertising via WK12, but the moment I realized strategic planning was a REAL JOB THAT EXISTED, my heart took off on a kite string.  Immersed in research, demographics, graphs, stats and the special diamond, sociology?  Instant love.

At a distance

However, the act of creation, inspiration, collaboration and pure alchemy is part of my life and always will be.  Through drawing, model-making, writing, animation, and music… It’s starting to come full circle.  Back to creativity, in beautiful Los Angeles.


After staying up for 40 hours straight, the crew here at Gallery Tesseract were rewarded with a double rainbow, lighting flashes, and a rooftop show of beauty.


The fabulous and insanely sweet Brit Alex Turvey directed the video featuring Lauren Miller as the gum-chewing, saddle-shoed, kite-flying hotness.

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