Feb 2, 2015

I figured out Zine Fest.

graph-zine fest copy

Earlier I was there, working through the crowds, trying to trade my comics for comics.  Comics are good currency at Zine Fests.

suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE2

Todd of Razorcake found out about Sandy the zine and asked us to represent in the “Old School, New School” panel.  Naturally, yes.  This is him at Razorcake HQ.

todd-zine fest2suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE1

Zine Fest was held in HOMENETMEN, a big athletic center.  Busy, yes, it was very, very busy.  Over three thousand people were expected to arrive.  It felt like three thousand.  Parking… parking shall never be spoken of again.

suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE6

suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE5

Sandy was being sold at the Women’s Center For Creative Work table, bless them.

suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE4suzymae- zine fest- sandy the zineEE3

The panel was brilliant.  We talked about the benefits of paper zines versus blogs & vice versa.  For Amanda Lee McCarty and I, Sandy’s physical benefits outweigh the digital.  We like having a tangible piece of media that can be held in your hands.   Taken with you on vacation.  Sexing up your coffee table.  Instagram and all the other social portals have their own value.  But Sandy’s content is meant to last longer and mean more than a single blog post.

Zine Fest- Suzy Mae- Sandy the Zine-2 copySUZYMAE

Edit!  Razorcake/Gorsky press just released the podcast of our conversations.

It’s accessible here:  LA Zine Fest 2015 “Old School, New School” Panel Discussion

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