Let’s hear it for #LYFT

Oct 10, 2013

Lyft win-suzymae_ copy

It’s been a difficult time for typing. One hand is broken, in a cast. A boring accident. So I’ve avoided the written word, neglecting my blog.

Lyft win-suzymae_2 copy

But I have great news. We did it! We, as in the citizens of LA who support legalization of ridesharing, won the local battle. As a major metropolis, this sets a precedent for other cities grappling with new legislation.

I’ve been a major supporter of Lyft since April, when Gala Darling recommended it during a Blogcademy event. I blogged about it.  I went to their community events. I ended up in their marketing materials, and as the face of their #WhyILyft promotion. It’s so gratifying to feel like these small gestures that meant something to me had a part in changing the future of Los Angeles.


The LA Times article on the approval of new ridesharing rules describes this development in detail – and notice my quick cameo in the article.

Lyft win-suzymae_3 copy

The day they called to interview me, I was dealing with a newly applied cast, ultra frustrated, and in a lot of pain. But that quick interview, coupled with style/social media superstar Luna Lovebad shouting me out on the street and Instagram that morning, served as emotional morphine.

Lyft win-suzymae_4 copy

It’s not every day our efforts are recognized. When they are, it’s a reminder that persistence and grit pay off in the end.  Live, learn, and keep at it.  Congrats, LYFT!


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