Mutant Taco: zine release

Dec 12, 2015

I’ve been busy writing an animated series, Mutant Taco.  It’s about less-than-motivated mutants working at a futuristic fast-food restaurant.  Basic premise, right?

mutant taco suzy mae inlay

I’ve been lucky enough to have a multitude of talented co-conspirators at my side for this one.  At a recent Mutant Taco reading/ zine release, eight excellent actors brought the characters to life.  Held at Art Share in downtown LA, the reading brought out friends new and old.

mutant taco suzy mae zine copy

The Mutant Taco Work Mutations Guide made its fancy debut as well.  Printed with love in LA by risograph masters Tiny Splendor, you can snag a copy here.

mutant taco suzy mae zine2 copy

Scriptd hosted the whole shebang– you can read the pilot episode of Mutant Taco on their script-sharing platform, and discover a grip of other plays, TV shows, and features.

Special thanks to:

Narrator Nigel Tierney                                                      

Jemerica Lucé Tomlin-Brenner                 

Trake Shawn McClellan                            

Crag Aric Amendolea                                    

Frank + Krob Brian Frisk                                                 

Chazzeroti Peter Stoia                                                

Sepulveda Anna Salinas                                                     

Tendra + Kristell Kelly Chambers   

Plus Denise Hewett and Thuc Doan Nguyen!

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