Loaf Tour Regrets

Jul 7, 2014

Tillamook Cheese TheftManteca, CA

Mysteriously, three promotional vintage Volkswagen buses owned by Tillamook Cheese have been stolen from a parking lot.  The tractor-trailer was found in flames, but the buses are missing.


“I sat there in the microbus, watching the cheese trailer burn. I knew the firefighters would show up soon, but a part of me wanted to be caught, to be released from this downward spiral of Night Train and meth, bath salts and bad ideas.

“Sugar Bear shook me, yelling to start the bus and drive. I did so, yelling and gunning the engine as we headed towards the river. But a part of me was filled with self-loathing. When did I become the kind of a man who ruins a Tillamook Loaf tour?”


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